Hands by King Overman NFT airdrop

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Hands by King Overman

We are enjoyed present 'Hands', an one-of-a-kind collection by British artist King Overman. It's motivated by his viral collection of pAInts, including the life-size hands of Basketball legends.

With tens of numerous views on TikTok, King Overman's art has actually ended up being an experience. Prominent NBA celebrities as well as cultural symbols alike have actually welcomed his work. Have a look at the initial TikTok video clip right here.

The drop is greater than just art-- it's a collaboration with Sebastian Markiewicz of CompatibleCreative. He'll supply the technical prowess and also NFT know-how for this and all future King Overman projects.

'Hands' started as five thrilling artworks painted by King Overman onto 12 ″ vinyl. Currently, this decline takes it additionally, bringing the task to life with computer animation as well as video full with records spinning and also using turntables. And also, time-lapse videos from TikTok, showing the art process throughout, as well as many new shade variations of the original artworks.

Company: CompatibleCreative

Price: 0.05 ETH

Supply: 555

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