Iskra ($ISK + $USDT) Airdrop

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It gives me great pleasure to announce @Iskra_World's newest Airdrop campaign! For a chance to win a portion of the 5,500 USDT + 5,500 ISK prize pool, join the Iskra community and perform tasks. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers!

On Iskra

Iskra is a centre for blockchain gaming that links players and game developers on a single platform, enabling users to discover and play top-notch blockchain games while growing their own communities and trading in-game tokens and other assets.

Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and other crucial ecosystem services are supported by the Iskra Hub Chain, which acts as the ecosystem's mainnet blockchain. The Bridge establishes a safe and reliable connection between the Iskra Hub Chain and outside blockchains.

Three native currencies make up the Iskra ecosystem: ISK, the governance token; iUSD, a stablecoin intended to keep the value of 1 USD stable; and Pioneer NFT, a non-fungible token that gives holders the ability to act as node operators. 

Iskra is, all things considered, the ideal platform for players looking to discover new games, with a strong emphasis on the growth of the blockchain gaming sector.

How do I sign up for the Iskra Airdrop?

Airdrop Prize Pool5,500 $USDT + 5,500 $ISK
Bonus Airdrop500 $USDT + 500 $ISK
Deadline17th April @ 4:00 AM UTC

Conditions to earn free cryptocurrency

An Instructional Guide for the "Iskra Airdrop Party"

Visit the @Zealy_io-powered Iskra Airdrop page, which was formerly powered by @Crew3xyz. 

Connect your wallet for Metamask.

Twitter user @Iskra_World to follow + Comment, like, and share the Iskra Airdrop Tweet.

Connect with the Iskra community on Discord and Telegram.

Follow Iskra on YouTube & Medium.

To improve your chances of winning, complete more tasks and invite your friends.

To be eligible for a prize from the 5,500 $USDT + 5,500 $ISK prize pool, complete the tasks by April 17th, 4:00 AM UTC. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming sprints. Best of luck!

* 🚀 They're performing a 500 $USDT + 500 $ISK Bonus Airdrop as a special thank you to the community for helping @Iskra_World reach 50k followers on Twitter and also to offer newcomers a shot! You must be at least Level 5 and have completed 10 tasks to participate. 50 winners at random who are not among the Top 400 will be chosen.

Max Supply1,000,000,000 $ISK
BlockchainEthereum & Klaytn
MarketsUniswap, KLAYswap,


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