Iskra x Norma in Metaland Airdrop

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exciting news for crypto fans and gamers! @Iskra_World and GRAMPUS CWC have teamed up to release the Web3 casual culinary game Norma in Metaland.

They are holding an airdrop on Galxe with a prize pool of 3,500 $USDT and 400 Norma's Oven NFTs to commemorate the debut. To enter the lottery, complete your tasks right now!

The Iskra Airdrop Party has successfully ended, and participants can now check the winners list on Discord.

Norma in Metaland & Iskra: Information

Iskra is a web3 gaming firm built on the blockchain that intends to alter the current gaming industry by giving gamers, developers, and investors more control. In order to close the accessibility gap in web3 gaming between early adopters and general users, the initiative blends enjoyment, sustainability, and blockchain technology.

Iskra aims to pioneer web3 gaming and create the foundation for a new wave of blockchain entertainment. Iskra wants to allow game makers to use blockchain while compensating gamers with cryptocurrency in order to accomplish its aims.

ICONLOOP, LINE, Tencent, Nexon, and Dayli Financial are just a few of the top Asian FinTech, video game, and cryptocurrency projects that the company's leadership team has previously worked with. The team is confident they have what it takes to become a dominant force in Asia's web3 gaming market, particularly in Korea.Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform with games for programmers and players as well as its own wallet, launchpad, DEX, and node system. Its distinctive community system offers rewards based on participation and contribution that can reach 100% of platform costs.

A Web3 casual cooking game called Norma in Metaland Cooking Adventure lets players explore more than 50 eateries while creating hundreds of specialty foods.

How do I participate in the Metaland Iskra x Norma airdrop?

Prize Pool3,500 $USDT + 400 Norma's Oven NFTs
Winners750 Random
Deadline17 May 2023 @ 5:00 UTC

Step-by-Step Guide ''Iskra X Norma in Metaland Airdrop''

  1. Go to the Iskra X Norma in Metaland Airdrop page, powered by Galxe.

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and switch to the Polygon network.

  3. Follow @Iskra_World on Twitter, like, and retweet the announcement Tweet.

  4. Join the Iskra community on Telegram & Discord.

  5. Complete additional quests and enter the 10 USDT Raffle.

  6. Follow @NormainMetaland on Twitter and join their Telegram Channel & Discord.

  7. Verify the quests and join the Silver and Golden Oven NFTs Raffle.

▪️ The Iskra X Norma in Metaland Airdrop offers a prize pool of 3,500 $USDT and 750 total winners via raffle: 

  • ● 350 random winners - 10 $USDT

  • ● 20 random winners - Golden Oven NFT

  • ● 380 random winners - Silver Oven NFT

* USDT rewards will be sent within 7 days from the date of the announcement via the Polygon chain, while NFT rewards will be sent after the Norma in Metaland INO via the Klaytn chain. Good Luck!


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