MoonPay Partners for NFT-Powered Movie

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MoonPay, a leading Web3 infrastructure company, has revealed that it will collaborate with filmmaker and artist Julie Pacino to produce a new NFT movie. As Julie Pacino herself sAId, the movie entitled "I Live Here Now" aims to encourage filmmakers to use NFT to "remove middlemen.". Surprisingly, the main storyline comes from the producer's 2022 NFT photo album - so let's learn more!

Julie Pacino's movie "I Live Here Now" as an NFT

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Julie Pacino's directorial debut "I Live Here Now" will exit as an NFT through MoonPay.

What is Julie Pacino's NFT movie about?

Famous photographer Julie Pacino will release the first movie directed entirely by her as an NFT through MoonPay. The new movie "I Live Here Now" focuses on an actress trying to escape a hotel in the forest, full of unexplained events and mysteries.

In fact, this film is a follow-up to her NFT photography series launched last year. The advertisement "I live here now" quickly sold out. The producer used all the programs to create this new movie, which will soon be released as NFT through MoonPay.

"I want to help pave the way for the next generation of artists to enter Web3, which is why I am in alliance with MoonPay because they have established a platform that makes entry simple, efficient, and effective," said the director. "The visibility of NFT artists, especially women, and the LGBTQIA+community is crucial. With MoonPay's support for this movie, we hope to help more people join Web3 and expand their movie projects."

Digital poster for Julie Pacino NFT movie

This film explores Julie Pacino's vision of a struggling artist who made her debut in NFT photography in 2022.

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is one of the largest Web3 infrastructure development companies to date. The platform was established before the NFT craze in 2018 and mainly involves smart contracts and NFT extension solutions. MoonPay has more than 450 partners in more than 160 countries, and Julie Pacino is the latest success story.

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