Rave - Race on Venom (CAP NFTs) Airdrop

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  @RavegameNFT is hosting a special giveaway occasion! Sign up with currently for your opportunity to be among the initial 5,000 eligible participants to obtain a Rave CAP NFT.

  Regarding Rave 

  Rave is an immersive digital NFT car racing cosmos built on Venom, where gamers can accumulate, tailor, race, and gain benefits.

  Check out special maps, contend for bounties, as well as rev your engines to experience the adventure of Rave's immersive metaverse.

How to join the Rave - Race on Venom Airdrop?

Prize Pool5,000 CAPs
Winner Selection MethodAuto-FCFS
Deadline26th June, 2023 @ 9:00 UTC

Step-by-Step Guide ''Rave CAP NFT Airdrop''

  1. Visit the Rave CAP NFT Airdrop page.

  2. Complete the required tasks on the TankOn page.

  3. Switch your wallet to the Polygon network & Claim your CAP NFT. Note that a small gas fee will apply in $MATIC.

  4. Additionally, join the Rave Zealy and aim to be in the top 30 leaderboard for a chance to get future Rave Airdrops on Venom.

▪️ The first 5,000 eligible participants can get a Rave CAP NFT each. First come first serve!

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